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Fall in the vineyard – cooler weather and shorter days make it possible for the vines to enter into a period of dormancy, as they replenish themselves for the next growing season. 

As winemakers, our task is to nurture each wine so that it will reach its full potential and faithfully represent the vineyard of origin. 

Important Dates

November 24 to 26

Open for wine tasting Thanksgiving Weekend. Bring your family to the tasting room!

December 9

The 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition & Charchili Event 

December 24

Closed for Christmas Eve

December 31

Closed for New Year’s Eve


February Wine Club Selections are released


Wine Club Pick Up Party. Date to be announced.


Stonum Vineyards 1st Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition & Charchili Event

Join us Saturday December 9th dressed in your craziest ugly Christmas sweater, or vest, for a fun filled holiday event. 

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