Winery & Vineyard

Winemakers Mike and Kathy Stonum have a simple philosophy. In the style of the oldest wineries of Europe, our process is small batch and very labor intensive. We use only premium grapes from own vineyard and a few other single vineyards personally known and farmed in our style. The grapes are handled gently with minimal intervention. Our mission is to capture the intense flavors and complexity while preserving the balance and integrity of the fruit. Our wines will always faithfully represent the terroir from where they originated.

We are passionately devoted to cultural practices that help us achieve vine balance. Vine balance equates to flavorful wines of quality and distinction. Our time tested practices include: shoot thinning and suckering each vineyard twice, tucking branches in our specially designed trellis system to minimize disease and maximize light and air penetration, leaf pulling, crop thinning, cluster positioning and irrigation management. All tasks are performed by the Stonum family and four devoted employees who know each vine by heart.

Integrated Pest Management
The Lodi Region pioneered the use of Integrated Pest Management. We support the well-established IPM practices of our farming community as a way to avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides.